Saturday, October 04, 2008

Another lonely Laura-less night

Hi, everybody. It's me, the ol' pinch-hitter again. I just talked to Laura a little bit ago, and she's tired and lost her voice after a long day of selling LEGO — and she still has to do it all again tomorrow and then drive home again. And me, all I did was some housework and unpacked a few more boxes. (We now have space in our guest room for a guest! Nothing for anyone to actually sleep on yet, however...)

I see I got some comments yesterday. So, here are my responses:

M. A. Masterson: I know, I have two blogs of my own. I just wish I knew what to say on those, too.

Carolyn: Right back at ya!

David Oakes: Surprisingly wet and rainy today. It felt more like the part of the state we left than what we've been led to believe it would be like here.

Michael-Sensei: It's Laura's rep I'm more worried about. And yes, I do have lessons to plan, and some tests to grade, but they can wait until tomorrow.

Denise: Ew! (Or should I say, Ewe!)

I still need to plan meals for the week and go shopping tomorrow, too. And I'm sure whatever I plan on, there will be at least one night when Laura won't like it...