Saturday, December 06, 2008

The Continuing M&Ms Challenge

I'm still collecting data for this, and will continue to collect for the foreseeable future (probably until next Fall!), so if you feel like participating, please just:

1) Get yourself a bag of Milk Chocolate M&Ms.
2) Note the size of the bag (in oz or g or both)
3) Open bag. Do not eat any (yet).
4) Count the number of Green M&Ms. Do not eat any (yet).
5) Count the TOTAL number of M&Ms (including green). Ok, you can eat them now.
6) Post the size of the bag, the number of green M&Ms and the total number of M&Ms.
7) FUN!

Note: Counts for other types of M&Ms are welcome, but please indicate what the type is when you post the information. Silliness is fine, but please make sure the data is true.

Note: You don't have to count any other colors, just green. It's fine if you do, but the green ones are what we are interested in for the sake of the experiment.