Thursday, December 04, 2008

No Way, Is It Really A Linkdump?

Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed #180: Death Note, Dream Hunters, and Midnight Sons.

I don't like yaoi, and I've never even heard of lolicon (though the link makes it disgustingly clear what it is), but it is still wrong for a man to be arrested for possessing Japanese comics and cartoons.

CGI Wizard of Oz? Not sure... I'm just not sure.

How those yard signs actually make money for dating services. Impressive detective work here.

Now THIS is a lovely prank.

Altering Perception allows us to understand more.

Tired of taking the same old photographs? Give Tilt-Shift Photography a try, and make all your pictures look like models.

More Photography: Top 20 Great US Civil War Photographs.

Monty Python has started their own YouTube Channel, with exclusive videos.

I was actually considering trying to grow my own popcorn until I read about pollination and realized I don't know enough about gardening yet. Maybe when I get good enough to grow my own sweet potatoes I'll give it a try.

Wow. Some voters really are stupid. How hard is it to fill in a bubble next to a candidate's name? For some, it's apparently impossible.

Prop H8 hurts businesses.

Science Kittens.

Pug for the in-laws. No, this isn't meant as any sort of statement. It's just a cute picture of a pug. Really.