Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Over the Pass, And Through the Woods...

We left at 10am in order to make sure we got over Snoqualmie Pass by nightfall. We allowed plenty of time. Good thing, too. We stopped for lunch in Cle Elum, where I took a little picture of an icicle:

The trees on the way up to the pass were beautiful!

But the road was filled with writhing Snow Snakes. At least we could see the pavement under the snakes. For awhile.

Higher into the pass it got a little hairier. I was glad Eric was driving, as I'm a total snow wimp.

And the road...




...the ice...

You can see the Tunnel in this image. We were both glad to see it, because it meant we were very close to the Summit.

Other vehicles, including a LOT of cars, pulled over to chain up. We braved the remainder of the pass in our non-traction tires.

Road conditions were grim.

Other drivers were stupid.

The scenery was fantastic and threatening.

The famous Snoqualmie roadside waterfalls were frozen.

And it didn't get any better after we summitted and headed back down toward Seattle!

In fact, the road got even worse for a bit...

...culminating in a section of road where Snow Devils danced across, obscuring vision and gusting on the laboring freight trucks. I took one final picture, then held on to my seat for dear life.

And then we reached North Bend, and the rain started. We suddenly both felt a lot more comfortable, and I drove us to my parent's house, where the snow was still thick and falling. We almost didn't get away from my parent's house, as the car got stuck in a drift and Eric and my dad had to push it out! The same situation at Eric's parent's house, where we are staying. The main roads were fine, the side roads were a nightmare. We even had a little spin out as we neared his parent's place. Luckily, Eric is a skilled driver and managed to keep the car on the road.

Now, as I sit here writing this, I can hear the rain pounding the roof and have hopes that by the time we have to go out again on Saturday the snow will be mostly gone.

So, Merry Christmas everyone. Hope you are all safe and warm tonight!