Monday, January 26, 2009


The National Film Board of Canada has put their archive online, including one of my all time favorites:

Artist Paul Guinan is featured in the Portland Tribune.

OldVersion, for when the new version of the software simply doesn't work.

Broadcasters are trying to stop people from recording programs... but programs have been saved by people who kept "illegal" recordings.

Doctor Who animation. Way cool, and I want to see a lot more. The clip is a YouTube video of a trailer that this group has animated.

Found in the Book Drop

Another reason I don't like air travel anymore. First the ridiculous security theater, then things like being forced to remain on a plane without food for hours. I hate travelling, but I'd rather drive than pay to be treated like a prisoner.

Along the long road of LOLCats, is the walrus who lost his bucket. And now a new twist on the bucket saga.