Tuesday, January 27, 2009


If you haven't checked it out yet, go to A Distant Soil and check out the comic on-line as well as lots of great advice from Colleen Doran about being your own boss in the comic book industry (although lots of the advice applies widely to home businesses).

Catching up: Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed #189: Etrigan, Silver Surfer, Jughead. Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed #190: Doctor Doom, Dan Carr, Root Nibot. Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed #191: Silver Surfer, Dick Grayson, Namor's Atlantis.

The Cupertino Effect, when humans blindly allow spellcheckers to "correct" everything. I know of a particularly amusing example in a book about Doctor Who, involving the planet Dido.

The official website of The Prisoner, including every episode available to watch online.

Now THIS is a Christmas Tree!

We have seen the perfect storm, but it was in 1859. If it happened now, modern life would grind to a halt. It could happen any time, but is most likely to happen in 2012. Be prepared.

If I did any traveling, I'd want this.

Abusive police officer is indicted for body-checking a cyclist off his bike for no apparent reason during a critical mass ride. Without the video showing that there was no reason behind the attack, the officer would have gotten away with it.

Speaking of abusive police, baseball player shot by police in his own driveway... and no, he wasn't drunk or disorderly, didn't have a gun, and was in fact minding his own business when the police attacked him. Well, he did have one strike against him: he lives in Texas and is black.

Clogged Gutters.