Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thursday Links

If I ever have money again, I'm getting me some Owly bookmarks from the ALA. I love ALA bookmarks. And posters. And New Stuff. I just wish the ALA website was more user-friendly.

Everyone is on Facebook. I had to limit my Facebook time with Leechblock. What about you?

I love this entry in strange maps, which shows the motto of each state within the state's borders. I'm not too upset that Washington's motto is the translation of Alki.

I doubt I'll ever get this good at it, but I'd like a ukulele. I could try to play Eleanor Rigby for my hubby.

Mars rover takes weekend off, doesn't call home. Scientists are puzzled.

Threats to children online are overblown says the Internet Safety Technical Task Force. However, there are lots of bullies out there.

Boing Boing has a picture of Edison's Price-fixing EULA.

Don't have a bike lane to ride in? Make your own.

Lovely. New malware phishes for bank info without you having to be on a fake page.

Ok, what? A strip-search for ibuprofen???? I guess I was a druggie in high school, because I always had painkiller on me. This girl was innocent though. Insane.

More LOLCat Theology. And a little more.