Friday, January 30, 2009

Thank Goodness It's A Linkdump

The AQ Test tries to determine if you are on the Autism-Spectrum. I scored 42 the first time I took it, and 43 the second.

Someone recently gave me some rationing coins as seen at Boing Boing here, and I wasn't sure what they were. Now I know.

Oh no! Phables is over. One of my favorite webcomics (I just wish someone would do the same with Seattle). I wish I had money to pre-order the book and make sure it happens.

Monty Python's YouTube Channel Boosted DVD Sales. Putting up free content helps sales.

Steampunk Cyclon Contest. Cylons are cool again!

Wow, a Warren Ellis entry I'm not afraid to link to. These are incredible photographs that combine WWII photos with modern photos of the same place.

Obama Inauguration Headlines.

Speaking of, I almost want the Obama action figure. But frankly, I'd rather have something tasteful and yet in my realm of "things I already collect". I need a LEGO Obama.

The Whitehouse has a blog. With RSS feeds (summary feed, not full-text like I prefer). This is a good way to keep up with the government, along with Obama's weekly "fireside" chats (which are nicely short yet still informative).

Scientists suddenly figure out that three fish are the same species! They wondered why they never saw mature examples of one type of fish, or males of another, or females of a third... well, now they know. All the same fish, but with remarkable differences in gender once they mature.

Ah, wartime urban legends are very Fortean. Investigations have sometimes revealed little pockets of truth in the tales, others (like perhaps the Angel of Mons) seem to be based on old fiction misremembered.

A Comcast repairman broke the power pole. He said Comcast would fix it. Another Comcast repairman said, no, it's owned by Commonwealth Edison, they have to fix it. The ComEd employee said, no, it's owned by the landowner, fix it yourself. Oh, and if you don't fix it in 30 days, we'll shut off your power. Homeowner tries to find a contractor to fix it, but the ground it too cold to put in a new pole. Burying the wires would cost $6000 that the homeowner doesn't have. Homeowner's insurance refuses to pay. In desperation, the homeowner contacts the Chicago Tribune Problem Solver who got Comcast to do the right thing, and ComEd to promise not to turn off the poor lady's power in the middle of winter. But good grief! Why does a person have to contact the media before a corporation will be responsible?

Pug for the in-laws.

And lastly, Coraline: