Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Links For Tuesday Night

To my crushing disappointment, Kindle 2.0 doesn't have an SD slot. That's a killer for me. The SD slot was actually one of the things that made me more interested in the Kindle (I can plug in a card with my stuff on it instead of having to sync it up). Now my interest in Kindle 2.0 has dimmed considerably. The good news is maybe I can get a cheap used Kindle 1.0?

Comic Book Grammar. For those who don't find it obvious.

Unshelved links to one of my favorite Muppet skits ever. As a kid I was a little freaked out by the man-size muppets, and the fact that one of them DIES. But I still loved it.

Speaking of, here's Mental Floss Muppet Facts. Some of which I knew, some I didn't, and some I had wrong.

How about the Small Plate Movement? They note that modern dinner plates have a larger diameter than ones from even a couple of decades ago. This means you fit more food on them, and tend to eat more. I measured, our dinner plates are 10 inches. So we've already beat the challenge.

Kate Orman quotes and links to commentary that all female characters written by females are considered "Mary Sue" characters. That makes it hard for female writers to write about strong women, because if they do, they'll just be accused of writing Mary Sue.

Vintage Seattle posted a nice classic image of JFK in Seattle (with Governor Rosellini).

If you haven't heard them yet, Mark Evanier links to coverage of the conversations between the Air Traffic Controllers and the pilot of U.S. Airways flight 1549. Truly impressive how calm Sully remains even when he realizes they have to go in the river.

Here's a really stupid idea to save the newspaper industry. So, maybe we should've bailed out the buggy whip industry, too?

The new children's toys safety law is just ambiguous enough that some businesses are closing rather than risk prosecution for selling possibly unsafe toys.