Monday, February 09, 2009

Monday Linkdumpage

WANT: Kindle 2.0. "The Kindle 2 costs you $359 USD and is going to be available for sale on February 24th, 2009". More info here. Pre-ordering starts today. If I had any money... well, I'd use it for paying debts. But if I had extra money, I would DEFINITELY get this.

Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed #193: Garbage Pail Kids, the Falcon, and Bob Dylan's Salvation Run Joke (read the comments if you don't get the joke).

I love the final lines of this little story about an artist meeting a kid.

Can you name all the Disney ducks? Bet you can't.

Can you figure out where this photo was taken? It doesn't look like Seattle to me (sidewalk are too wide).

What are we waiting for? Let's start sinking those bales in the ocean right now!

Yikes! Bad Astronomy points out evidence that the Autism/Vaccine link was faked originally. It's since been disproven repeatedly, but that initial study has caused tons of suffering. Even worse if the whole thing was fake, don't you think?

They knew the peanuts were salmonella tainted but they kept shipping them anyway. So, if corporations have the rights of individuals, this means the corporation should be charged for murder, since 8 people died, right?

It's a Poirot Cat!