Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Sunday Review

TV this week:

  • Heroes: "Trust and Blood" - Well, not quite "Lost" I guess. The new status quo is nothing to cheer about, though. While Nathan has a point, the clumsy, even stupid, way he's gone about dealing with it is a stark contrast to the two previous organizations that were trying to do the exact same thing. I want to like this show. But right now I'm only mildly interested in it.
  • Numb3rs: "Guilt Trip" - Hey, it's Spike! And then Facebook. I find Charlie's desire to prevent crimes with mathematics to be slightly disturbing. You can't change human nature, but can you alter circumstances enough to prevent crime?
  • Heroes: "Building 26" - Claire finds Aquaman. yay. I don't like Nathan's second-in-command. I hope he bites it in an appropriately ironic way.
  • Ghost Hunters International: "Spanish Scares" - Oooh, a 14th Century Spanish Castle! Yay! And good debunking in this one. And in the second castle as well. I think I liked the look of the first castle more. The caretakers for both castles were disappointed by the results.
  • Batman: The Brave and the Bold: "Return of the Fearsome Fangs!" - Interesting revamping here. I wasn't sure what to make of Bronze Tiger, but the three animal dudes made sense. Another fun episode... but I'm really looking forward to the next two episodes.

Comics this week:
  • Hikaru No Go Vol 13 - GLEE! Just when I thought everything was going smoothly, and I figured I knew what would happen next, the whole thing is turned... well, not upside-down but DEFINITELY a direction I wasn't expecting. Man, I really want to see the end of this game. This is the game we've been waiting for since the series began. Let's hope the players' internet connection remains up!
  • Showcase Presents: Aquaman Vol 3 - Reprinting in glorious black and white, Aquaman #24-39, Brave and the Bold #73 (Atom team-up), and Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #115. I'll admit that Aquababy's sudden growth spurt isn't as dramatic when you can't see the colors of his uniform echoing Aquaman's. But it's another good package of classic DC tales, and inexpensive enough for everyone to go buy it.
  • Green Lantern Corps #33 - Ah man, my respect for Natu just dropped. She's refrigerator-bound now. The short story at the end is almost funny in a sick kind of "let's foreshadow until the fans throw up" way.
  • Supergirl #3 - Great, even Supergirl is slammin' on Aquaman. I'm not impressed with this series. Just not my type of humor.
  • Super Friends #12 - Aquaman against the Super Friends! Yay! And Starro never looked better than as a goofy pirate. But, my, this is one talkative Starro. I don't recall him ever having so many words.
  • DMZ #39 - Oh my. What's Matty got himself into this time? That's a bit much of a piece of merchandise for our boy to be handling.
  • Captain Britain and MI 13 #10 - I feel like I'm reading chunks of four or five different tales, and I want a little more from each of them. I did NOT like the cliffhanger at all.
  • Sir Apropos of Nothing #4 - Showing a little competence? Nah, just seeming to show some. And I kind of figured out what was going to have to happen almost as soon as Apropos set foot in the castle.
  • Wonderful Wizard of Oz #3 - They aren't leaving anything out. Even the bit where the Lion goes off in the forest alone to get food is in there. And the Queen of the Field Mice and everything! Way better than that ol' MGM movie.
  • Doctor Who Classics Series 2 #3 - Ah yes. I did remember how that story ended. Urg. Not my favorite of the series. The Asimov space trip one is a little better.
  • Castle Waiting #14 - For a book that seems like nothing is happening, there sure is an awful lot packed into this. There's a LOT going on in this castle. Want more issues!
  • PS238 #37 - Ah, the old student essay trick. Gives us an idea of what's going through each child's mind AND reintroduces the main characters. Poor Tyler. Nobody believes him and yet everyone seems to look up to him. And Toby's story... the implied adventure was just great. Want more issues!

My library book this week was The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman. The Newbery announcement got me to put this on the library hold list, and the line was very short. I was able to get it very quickly, and the book itself is a quick read. This is a great book. There's a powerful coming-of-age tale in there, and great fantasy moments. The moments really make this tale. The dance, the attempt to make a gravestone, the true identity of Silas. It's amazing how well Gaiman can flesh out a lot of ghosts. I don't have much more to say about this that hasn't been said better by other people. All I can add is that this is one worth checking out.

No movie nor Agatha Christie this week.