Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hmmm, Is It Too Early?

Well, maybe. It might be a little early to post this warning, but I've seen some signs of people getting ready for it, so I'll post my usual annual warning about the holiday of the internet.

Remember: Most of the time the internet is pretty much unreliable. It's a mess of people, and most people have no obligation to be honest. So every day you should be critical and think about what you read and see on the 'net, and don't trust anything until it's been verified by multiple sources.

There is one day that's thrown entirely out the window. On April 1st, don't believe ANYTHING you see on-line. It might be true, but presume it isn't.

At the moment I have no plans for an April Fools' Joke. Should I come up with one... well, you'll find out on April 1st, right? But consider this your warning from me.

On a related note, a good April Fools' Joke has certain qualities. It must be believable, but people should be able to check it. It should never be cruel. It should not lead to harm. It should be funny, either in and of itself, or once people realize it's a joke. Sometime on April Fools' Day I'll attempt to round up a list of jokes played that day, and will no doubt revisit some of my favorite classics. Hopefully, it'll be a good one this year.