Tuesday, March 03, 2009


Now it can be revealed! Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed is going to Book Form!. I've been saying the articles should be collected into a book for some time, great to hear it's happening.

Oh, yeah here's Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed #196: Punisher, Vince Colletta, and Jack Kirby.

I wonder if this treatment could be used to reduce the triggers for depression?

Speaking of Depression, here's Great Depression Cooking with Clara. As of this writing, there are seven YouTube videos featuring Clara, a great grandmother who tells stories of life during the Depression while she cooks a dish.

And, speaking of dishes, I almost wish I had a grade-school child so I could make cool Bento boxes.

And speaking of Japanese food (boy, I'm stretching this), here's yet another sushi belt video. I like what happens when the camera gets to the kitchen, very near the end of the video. I just really like this cinema veritas type of film, and the sushi belt seems to be a lovely manifestation of it.

Something I forgot to mention to Jack Pendarvis when he got my oatmeal tips from Facebook is that I used to take mine with honey, but honey has become so expensive lately that I've had to give it up. Especially since I have this "thing" about pure honey. I miss my honey.

Quick, call Aquaman!