Friday, March 27, 2009


If Maps Could Fight, a comic strip about WWII.

Colleen Doran publishes Boadicea (Boudica?) Warrior Queen of the Celts from the unpublished The Big Book of Wild Women.

Picture Is Unrelated. A blog of unrelated odd images. NSFW. Not Safe for Sanity, either.

Doctors make patients sign EULAs that forbid online reviews. If my doctor asks me to sign such a thing, I'll have to ask what she's afraid of.

The Health Care Debate. I support a single payer system. I'm tired of for profit insurance execs deciding who lives and who dies.

The United States of Obesity.

Joe's 13 things that creep me out. I'm linking to this because of number 8, although number 9 is one of my childhood nightmares as well.

Sita Sings The Blues is free and available to watch. Read the links on the bottom of the post for the whole story.

For the in-laws: PUG WEEK at Sheldon! Monday! Tuesday! Wednesday! Thursday! Friday!