Saturday, March 28, 2009

Tegan's Coin Box

Coin Pile

I'm a coin collector. Not one of those people who collects valuable coins, but a person who loves the interesting and unique of the coin world. If you know anything about a coin I post here, please use the comments link to let me know more about it. Note: due to lighting issues, some coins may appear gold when they are really silver. I can't seem to fix it with my poor equipment, sorry.

These are exactly the same coin from two different years. I find these to be very cool. Naturally, I prefer the wavy bordered one to the more standard round coin. On the Queen side, both coins say "Queen Elizabeth The Second". The other side says "East Caribbean States" and "One Cent" on both coins. The wavy bordered coin is from 2000, the round coin is from 2004.

This is a beautiful big coin. I love the sailing ship, Endeavor, on the back. It's a New Zealand coin from 1967. Like pretty much all Commonwealth coins, it features the official portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. My only question would be, 50 what?


Anonymous said...

the New Zealand coin is 50 cents