Friday, May 29, 2009

Another Linkdump, YAY!


Now THIS is a Dalek Cake. Very cool.

I am extremely introverted, so the confessions of an introverted traveler sounded very familiar. She follows it up with six tips for introverted travelers, one or two of which I may add to my own coping mechanisms.

Text-to-speech on Kindles remotely disabled. Suddenly I don't want a Kindle as much if they can remotely damage their product.

In response to the insane French "three-strikes" internet law, a modest proposal for print infringement.

People born before 1957 seem to have some immunity from H1N1 (swine) flu.


Speaking of time, I think I'm in love with Bob Graham's notebooks that proved the CIA wrong.

I think this article on the perfect geek age is pretty close to the truth. I was born a little later, but I experienced almost everything Raph did.

I'm constantly seeing ads for Hughesnet, and I've wondered how their service is. Now I know. Glad I didn't opt for them.

An app to read Project Gutenberg e-books on the iPhone was rejected by Apple because some of those books are "dirty". Apple eventually realized how silly they were being and reversed the decision, but still!

I wish the local library had this field guide to Japanese spooks. Ah, well... I added it to my wishlist.