Friday, May 29, 2009

Bonus Linkdump for A Hot Spring Day


A comparison of Stargirl's name on three different covers of JSA. Good catch, Greg.

I want The Sandman's Library. I wouldn't mind a print of it, either.

Another book my library doesn't have. Again, I added it to my wishlist.

The Russian space program is into recycling.

Gluten-free recipes and discussion from The Guardian. That Lemon Banana Cake sounds good.

Germany has found cocaine in Red Bull?

Victor DeNoble, the guy who brought down the tobacco industry, visited hubby-Eric's school.

Boing Boing notes the change in Airborne's packaging since they lost that lawsuit.

The Church of Scientology has been banned from editing Wikipedia.

Astronauts spot mysterious ice circles in world's deepest lake. Cool.

Here's a link for my mother, sister, and maybe even my aunt: A webcomic on quilting barbarians... or something like that. Knittar the Barbarian?