Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday Infodump

Comic Book Legends Revealed #205: Hall of Justice, Thin Alfred, Avengers Big Three. Comic Book Legends Addendum: Wolverine Idea Misattribution. Comic Book Legends Revealed #206: Deadwood, Human Torch TV, Wonder Woman TV.

What do you get if you insert dried spaghetti into chunks of hot dog, then boil the result? I don't know, but pictures here. I think I'd call them Cthulhu Dogs, myself. Add a good pasta sauce... yum! We should plan these for Holy Pasta Week. Can you boil meatballs?

Law Class looks up public information about Scalia, Scalia gets annoyed despite having said in the past that we don't need laws protecting private information. Apparently Scalia doesn't realize just how much private information is out there for anyone to see, because he thinks this lesson was an exercise of poor judgment rather than proof that there isn't enough protection of privacy.

The press uses made-up quote from Wikipedia in mainstream stories. Oops. I guess "checking your sources" isn't taught in journalism schools anymore?

Amway Chocolate. I'd love to try it, but I would NOT want to get involved in selling it, even if it is chocolate. I already have a preferred dark chocolate (Chocolove Strong Dark 70%), although it's hard to get out here and I'm running out.

Square Foot Gardening, this is clearly something I'm going to have to adapt to my own home. I've got enough room for this sort of gardening, and the desire for a small amount. I just don't want to make a huge garden that I have to weed daily. I'm just not sure what I'd plant. Suggestions? We're thinking garlic, and I'd like to try some tomatoes, but what other food plants could I try?