Thursday, May 28, 2009

Links on a Warm Spring Day


Hugo ballot is live.

Another look at how the release of free books on-line affects sales.

Living near a pub can mean loud singing late at night, but pubs in southwest England plan to hand out lollipops to help reduce that noise.

Clever logos. More clever logos. Even more clever logos.

A Field Guide to Freeway Interchanges. Yikes. I hate weave lanes, so I like any interchange that doesn't have them.

Should we really be teaching robots how to fall safely? When they take over, wouldn't it be best if we could just push them down to win against our robotic overlords?

This is apparently a hoax, but I like the idea of a lending library of banned books.

New species are constantly being discovered, which is why I have an interest in cryptozoology.

CNN takes a look at Religion vs State in medical decisions involving children. This is one of those issues that makes my head hurt, but generally I side with protecting the children, even if it's from their parents' faith.

Lai Jiansheng pushed a would-be suicide jumper off a bridge because the guy was holding up traffic (for five hours) and there was an inflated cushion below.

More LOLCat theology.