Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Links Links Links!

I was ready to lose weight, but Mark Evanier's story was the trigger that gave me the strength to actually do it. In a couple of weeks it will be my 3rd weight loss anniversary.

Absolutely stunning video of the night sky over at Bad Astronomy. Wow. Cool stuff. I hope Eric and I get a chance to spend a night out in the desert over here sometime to watch the Milky Way.

A very strange story from Japan, where Google maps ran into an unexpected problem with a historical map overlay. Apparently class distinctions are alive and well.

I love this story of a baseball player whose host family is an assisted living facility.

Switched at birth.

As if being a cab driver weren't hard enough, false accusations of assault by preppy drunk idiot girls can only make life worse. I hope the driver wins the case. Thank goodness he had a camera in his cab, or he would've had his life completely ruined.

Mystery of the clock... how did this timepiece survive an ill-fated Arctic expedition?

Wow, the first draft of Star Wars was really really bad. Almost worse than bad. Wow.

More creative ads in Unusual places.

Source code for breathalyzer is crap. Great, now we can't trust breathalyzer tests, either.

LOLCat Theology.

Pugs for the in-laws. I saw a pug in the neighborhood today when I walked to the library. It was sharing a yard with three dachshunds, and looked positively giant next to them.