Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Look What My Fence Caught!

Massive windstorms in the area, with a bit of rain in between the storms. I looked out the side window after a particularly loud gust of wind and spotted this, so I had to go take a picture:

Temp Fence Catches Tumbleweed

You might also be able to see my neighbor's garbage can lid just behind the tumbleweed in the image. And if you can see the street back there?

Garbage cans!

I count five garbage cans rolling around on the street. This is another reason I want a fence, to keep the neighbors' garbage out of my yard when the wind kicks up, which it always does.

It won't protect me from the grit and dust... when I went out to take that picture I came back in with gritty teeth. I wish I could've gotten a picture of the dust storm that raged through our neighborhood. It was impressive enough that I was shocked into just staring at it until it died down. When I went out to run some errands I noticed that most of the dust/dirt/grit was coming from the construction site to the east of our house. Hopefully, once the rest of the houses are built (if the economy recovers enough to build them), we won't have the same dust problem.

I've seen a number of other items blown down by the wind, but the one thing that fell down the most in Western Washington is almost entirely absent here. You don't get tree limbs all over the streets in a wind storm in a place where there just aren't many trees.