Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wednesday Linkdump

I haven't got much to show for myself at the moment. Some yardwork, some phone calls. There's just nothing to report. So I've thrown together another linkdump. I miss getting my comics on Wednesday, it was something that got me up and moving. This town needs a comic shop, but it needs a bookstore first. Anyway, here's some stuff I found interesting for you to peruse.


Those darn music pirates! They're going to destroy the industry!

A Pictorial History of the Game of Go. Having gotten interested in Go thanks to the Manga Hikaru No Go, I found this post to be informative.

No Eye Contact Glasses, being given away at the Rotterdam Zoo after a woman was attacked by a gorilla when she made eye contact.

Vegan French Toast. I'd love to try it.

Early E-mail. The look on the guy's face is pretty well-done.

Moral of the story: Debt is Evil. If you look at the comments, you'll see that somebody found the case in a Florida law database, so at least some of the story is true.

I just ran across this book review of Lauren Slater's Opening Skinner's Box, a book about psychology and its most famous experiments. The title refers to BF Skinner's "box" that he put his daughter in. The popular version of the story is completely different from the truth: the "box" was a climate controlled playpen that maximized attention from parents and minimized harm from environmental factors. The review is a detailed look at the complaints made about the book by some of its subjects, and makes me wish I had a copy to read. Guess I'll have to check the library (and probably get it through inter-library loan).

Why people can't take the tea-baggers seriously (besides their hilariously poor choice of name).

Family allowed to visit the ranch they lost in 1943 when the Hanford reservation was created as part of the war effort.

More LOLCat Theology.