Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Martian Space Penguins!

Salads aren't healthy unless you make 'em yourself and make sure you know exactly what's in it.

Somebody came up with a very nice, and very accurate graphic of on-line news page layouts from a few years ago versus today. The rise of clutter, the reduction of readability.

Freeze-Frame Vanity Cards.

This is just weird enough to post: Tautonyms.

Pulling water from the air. Like on Tantooine or Dune.

I think I would have worn these wristbands during the long time we were without health insurance. Now that we have insurance, I wouldn't feel right about wearing one, but that's ok because I can't afford one either (though he'll send them free to people who are uninsured and want one (because I have insurance I won't take advantage)).

Not for the weak of stomach, Darryl Cunningham posts a ten-page story about working in a dementia ward. Usually I post his Dalek drawings, but this is much more serious. He continues with other shorts: It Could Be You hits home because it is me. I suffer from depression and have all my life. I have had many people tell me to just "get over it" (thankfully never my husband). Some other shorts: Mad or Bad and Cut. Intense stuff, and I think I'd buy that book if I can afford it when it comes out.