Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Is it Tuesday?

Mark Evanier expresses an opinion on calorie counts on menus that matches my own opinion almost perfectly.

Michael Ian Black praises Weird Al.

Um, I'll believe this when I see it, but it sure seems unlikely to me. In other Doctor Who news, the BBC has an article about the Doctor Who books (thanks Denise). Be sure to read the comment by Scott Peters (scroll down).

Wait. The "officers had a difficult time reading the addresses because of overcast skies." Tell me this is a joke. Overcast skies? If it had been sunny, would they have said the sun got in their eyes? These officers need to have their eyes tested before being allowed back on the streets. And a reading test to make sure they can distinguish different numbers might not be a bad idea as well. Sheesh. At the very least, they need a class in "making better excuses when you completely screw up and endanger innocent people."

And lastly, here's Moby the Mower, sitting in one of the rare non vegetated parts of the yard just after I'd spent some time today mowing. I lowered the body of the mower a notch and went over most of the yard, and figured out some places that I'm going to have to level soon.

Moby the Mower

I also took apart two sections of my temporary fence. While I was taking one section apart, a dog came up to me and examined the fence, which I'd put back in place to unravel the string. The dog looked up at me with a look that said, "Why is this here in my way?" He frolicked back and forth, wagging his tail at me while I worked. I attempted to take his picture, but apparently erased it. Finally I got the fence enough out of the way so the dog could go into my yard (despite me saying, "shoo! Go away!" to it constantly). He ran up to the new fence and then turned to me with a look that said, "What? Another thing in my way? Are you insane?" I told the dog that he was on his own, at which point he attempted to wiggle under the fence. He couldn't, he was too big. He wandered up and down the fence, and apparently decided that he couldn't get through the fence. With one last rueful look at me, he left the yard via the other side.

Tomorrow, if it isn't too hot, I plan to use Wimpy the Weedwhacker to clear up some of the bits and pieces that Moby couldn't get at.