Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Linkity Dinkity Dump

The story of The Twitter Fail Whale. Don't miss the gallery. I like the LEGO one.

Spending $23 quadrillion at CVS is a worthy feat, indeed! But the real fun of this one is the comments below that try to figure out what happened. If you want to know, the real explanation is here. Some of the Boing Boingers figured it out.

This method of making electricity could be very useful, if they can make it work in a cost-effective way.

Speaking of electricity, the problem with windpower.

A drug that protects against radiation. If this pans out, the impact could be huge.

Ah, history.... remembering the San Juan Pig War.

An artist imagines what the 456 from Torchwood: Children of Earth might look like.

Very cool United States rearranged print. This is one that would work (for me) as a wallpaper.

I like penguins, I like LOLCats: what's not to like?

Pug for the in-laws.