Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Another Linkdump?

Well, I'm catching up on a couple month's worth of links, so there will be some old stuff here...

Comic Book Legends Revealed #215: animated Captain America, Elfquest, and Angelo Torres. Comic Book Legends Revealed #216: VAMPIRES!

Here's a cute short comic strip about Charles Babbage.

A gallery of shrunken coins. Don't try this at home, at least not without some serious science knowledge. The Bad Astronomer has a link to a video of a coin being shrunk.

The dangers of advertising a party on Facebook. Oops.

A fascinating look at the healthcare industry from an industry insider. That's the transcript, you can watch the video here.

Truly disturbing Movies of the 1980s. Yup, there's my childhood.

I do love me some Simon's Cat:

And, in other news, cats exploit humans by purring. Well, duh.

Pug for the in-laws.