Thursday, September 03, 2009

Yet More Linkdumpage

Comic Book Legends Revealed #217: Flick, Summers Brothers, and Summers Brothers. Comic Book Legends Revealed #218: Thomas Nast, Kraven's Last Hunt, and Kingdom Come.

I love honey. We haven't been able to afford it lately... maybe I can find some in an old tomb or something.

Note to techies: always check for possible detrimental code before sending a test server to a company. If nothing else, just run the company's code on the server. Sheesh.

Speaking of techies, sometimes the techies are little old ladies who have the skill to weave copper wire into a hardware used for the Apollo moon landing. I wonder if my sister could knit me a computer?

Yay, the giant spitting worm of Palouse! A local cryptid that isn't Sasquatch. If you want to see a picture of it, there's one here (click on the smaller images for big ones).

Wells Fargo sues itself. Sigh.

Cacao of Conflict in Venezuela. I checked... the cacao in my favorite chocolate is from Africa and the Caribbean.

Reader's Block. Yup, happens to me. Fairly frequently. I can often break it with a children's book or comic.

Sherwood Smith graphically explains why she won't be going to see the new Avatar movie.

If you missed San Diego Comicon, but still want to see the costumes, you're in luck. There are 600 pictures there, and I actually recognized some of the folks! (Like, Cheyenne Wright... that's no costume, that's what he usually looks like). You know that these Aquapeople are some of my favorites.

A Guide to Your Pug's Facial Expressions for the in-laws.