Friday, September 04, 2009

Links Links Links

WANT! (I want about a dozen of these for Christmas, so all of you know what to get me)

Comic Book Legends Revealed #219: censored Nick Fury, Next Men, and milquetoast. Comic Book Legends Revealed #220: X-Man credits, X-Men analogies, and Haunt of Fear.

Idioms from around the World.

Ah, you've got that beautiful glow!

New and Improved Chocolate? I'll have to try it before I decide. Wonder who I'd have to ask to get a review sample...

In a strange twist, the only known photo of Phineas Gage was found via the 'net. Flickr is good for something!

Speaking of pictures, here are some pictures of a Ravenna pit that are of interest to me because of family who lived in that area for a long time.

Library flavored ice cream! I want Chocolate Chip Bookie-Dough.

The Hum of the Earth is apparently the sound of crashing waves.

School credit being given for trolling the internet. For the non-techies, "trolling" is bad. It's posting a non-constructive comment in a forum where your opinion is unwelcome in order to start an argument.

Once again, children: tasers are guns. They can be fatal, and should never be used unless you are willing to kill the person you use it on. Police who pull our a taser as if it's a stun gun need SERIOUS retraining. Tasers should never be used unless you would pull a regular gun.

I just have to say this again: THE STUPID! IT BURNS!

Green Cement Absorbs Carbon.

Pug for the in-laws.

No, seriously, I want this. Really. All my family can join together and get me one (or two).