Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Too Soon

I just finally finished bundling up my Hallowe'en lights and decorations, I still need to put them in the garage somewhere but they are at least organized for next year now. And I grabbed the mini Christmas tree I bought a few years ago and put it in the window. It's not "on display" yet, but it's over in the general area where it'll be for the season. Ok, yeah, I plugged it in, but just to check that the lights were all good. It's too early for any other decorations, although at least three houses in the neighborhood already have their full Christmas displays up.

Watched the new Doctor Who last night with hubby-Eric. No spoiler review: Not the best story, but has some moments to really think about. I may try to write a spoilerific review later, but I'm still thinking about it now.

Tried to read the Ted Kennedy autobiography True Compass from the library. I didn't get very far into it before it had to be returned. Usually four weeks is plenty for me to read a book, but I just couldn't get into this one. I may try again later because I do want to read his perspective on some certain events, but for the moment I let it go. I couldn't renew it because it had too many holds on it.

Made my famous meatloaf for dinner last night, and just made up a batch of my fudge brownies for Eric and I to use as desserts for a week or two. The meatloaf turned out really nice this time, thank goodness. My previous one didn't hold together very well. For someone who couldn't cook at all just a decade ago, I'm progressing nicely in my baking and cooking skills. The fudge brownies are particularly pleasant, and keep well enough to use for awhile. My cakes tend to go stale too fast.

I am trying to rekindle my interest in updating my Aquaman page. With the lack of Aqua-action it's been hard to keep going, but now that Mera is a major part of Blackest Night, I feel like I can get going again. That and I've started watching the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson and have finally seen his dreadful (but funny) Aquaman skits, so I have a little more motive. The Wiki-fied part of the site is so much easier to update now, I think I'll probably be moving more of the site to that side as I go along. Now if only I could find a handful of fellow Aqua-fans who are as crazy as I am and want to help update the site... *sigh*