Thursday, January 21, 2010


Since nobody is calling me on Skype, I went ahead and set up my little webcam to take regular pictures and upload them to my website. So, any time I'm not using the webcam and can turn on the program I'm using, it will be taking regular pictures which you can view here.

Webcam Picture

I can't promise that the images will be at all interesting. I'm sure I'll point it out the back sliding door to follow the weather some mornings. As of this writing, I've got it aimed at Torvald, keeping an eye on his activities.

Webcam Picture

So who knows what you'll see?

Webcam Picture


David Oakes said...

Ahh! What a horrible ugly troll in that thir...


Never mind...

David Oakes said...

Can't. Blink.

Trolls. Will. Move.

Tegan said...

Ha. Ha.