Friday, January 22, 2010


I've had to put stricter measures in place to prevent hotlinking from my website. I'm not happy about it, I prefer to have open access to the pictures I provide. But some people were abusing that access and posting my images to high traffic forums that have been eating my bandwidth at an alarming rate. So I'm trying to prevent hotlinking from any non-authorized site.

This doesn't mean my images are locked. You still have the ability, if not necessarily the right, to download the image to your own server and use it from there. I just don't want to end up paying an extra fee because some dip on a forum thinks my picture of Wil Wheaton with Torvald is funny and posts it as his user icon directly from my site.

So you might notice some glitches. If you do see a "no hotlinking" image on one of my websites that is clearly a mistake on my part, please let me know. I've tried to make sure every website I own or contribute to is an exception, but I cannot tell for sure if I a) got them all and b) wrote the code correctly.