Friday, February 05, 2010

Another Linkdump!

38 years of Superbowl Commercials.

And more old links, I'm clearing out my cache of interesting stuff. Heck, some of this may be old enough to be interesting again.

The USB drive for me!

One hundred and thirty-six is MILLIONS! Be sure to read the comments on this one for more on the stats.

Ten Creative Doorstops.

Ever found a cool webcomic that you want to read from the beginning, but don't have time? Try Archive Binge, a service that allows you to set up a custom RSS feed for webcomics. I immediately signed up for five comics... if you know a webcomic creator, tell 'em to get their comic on this service!


The LEGO Renaissance.

How a train journey saved me from the Nazis.

Lightning Volcano Storm!

Pug for the in-laws.