Sunday, February 07, 2010

A Sunday Review

Just the TV shows this week. I read some comics, but haven't had the time and mental capacity to review them. And I'm only halfway through my next library book, and my next Agatha Christie is waiting on inter-library loan. So next week should be mildly more interesting.

TV this week:
  • Robin Hood: "Something Worth Fighting For, Part 2" - And... that's the end. NOT what I was expecting from this show, but then the introduction of "Byzantine Fire" made for a rather explosive finish. The news that Richard was captured and being held for ransom fits with the historical record. I know that a fourth season was originally planned, and I wonder if the ending was changed to fit it, or if that finish was the way it would happen all along? Ah well, it was a good show. Glad we watched it.
  • Ghost Hunters International: "Tasmania Death Sentence" - Tasmania Supreme Courthouse. I'm very amused by them bringing up the guy from Port Arthur Pen that bothered one of the team. And then they hear a noise. Wonderful synchronicity. They really didn't find anything, and even debunked a little. Next up they went to Malaysia, to Kellie's Castle. The story behind the place was cool, if a little sad. And the tales of the locals were neat, too.
  • Heroes: "The Wall" - Flashbacks to Noah's past, and Sylar's silent punishment. Lovely stuff. I need more Hiro though.
  • Batman: The Brave and the Bold: "A Bat Divided!" - Booster Gold in the opening, hilarious as usual. As for the main story, I wasn't really expecting Firestorm, but it makes perfect sense. The split Batman worked ok, although that idea is one that has been overused, I think.
  • Numb3rs: "And The Winner Is..." - Nice take on awards shows. They'd be much more exciting if things like that happened more often. Not the murder-y bits, the smoke bombs and panic bits. Then again, panic is never that good in crowds. Still, it would make them very watchable. Right, I'll shut up now.


Eric said...

Can I just say that I was disappointed that, in Numb3rs, Marilu Henner's character didn't have a scene with Alan, played by her old Taxi colleague, Judd Hirsch? After all, they pulled that off a couple of seasons ago when Christopher Lloyd was a guest star.

And in The Brave and the Bold, I've come to think of the slacker Batman as what Playboy Millionaire Bruce Wayne might have been like if he hadn't become Batman.

Wings said...

Robin Hood did end well, I guess. A bit of a rushed end, but fitting for all involved. Glad I watched, too.