Thursday, May 13, 2010


So far behind in linkblogging...

Let's start with Comic Book Legends Revealed!

  • #233: Rocky Joe, Moon Knight, and Al Feldstein's Corliss.
  • #234: Naked Storm, Debby Harry, and Masters of the Universe.
  • #235: Seduction of the Comics Code, Horror, and Wonder Woman.
  • #236: Tim Truman, Marvel pseudonyms, and Days of Future Past.
  • #237: Italian ban on comics, Star Wars, and Millie the Model.
  • #238: Havok, Tarzan Galactica, and Comic Book Tourists.
  • #239: Gozilla Dragon, Tom Swift Robin, and Cycle of the Werewolf.
I started using Chisenbop in elementary school, and I'm sure I picked it up from a book, but I never knew that you could do more than just count with it.

Norman Rockwell's reference photos.

Vat Meat: I'm still waiting for it, and I would not object to being one of the first to try it.

Overcoming Writer's Block.

A note about my Sunday Reviews of the Mennyms series, I started reading because of this review by Todd Klein. Thank you Todd!

Nova Scotia woman not dead yet.

Having fun at doctor appointments.

Young Men who Smoke have Lower IQs.

For the in-laws: Elvis Pug. Puppy Pug. Pug and Ice Cream. Pug Birthday. Pug in Trouble with Cats. Unlucky Pug. And lastly: A description of a Pug's Life.

LOLCat Theology: Basement Cat is Zombie? Basement Cat hates Santa. Basement Cat Movie Poster. Basement Cat Apprentice. Ceiling Puppy and Basement Dog. And lastly: Ceiling Cat decides your fate.