Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Erica Henderson on DC Quick Fixes

Gotta admit, this is a bit of scathing and on-target commentary on the situation with Barbara Gordon, a character who could have gotten up from that wheelchair in an instant in the fantasy world she lives in with the connections she has (millionaire Bruce Wayne, anyone?). And while I think Oracle is an incredible character, one of the best in comic books, and I think the wheelchair adds to the character rather than detracts, it is a little strange how fantasy life continues to heal all the male characters in the DC Universe while leaving Barbara (and now Wendy) behind.

Just something to think about. There's a great thread about it on Gail Simone's corner of Jinxworld. And be sure to bookmark Erica Henderson's Doodle Blog to see more interesting art designs and yes, commentary comic strips (warning, sketches of naked ladies are common enough to warrant a warning).