Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I'm Sick, So I'll Whine A Little

Ok, I caught a cold. Not unexpected after my adventures at BrickCon. In fact, I would have been very surprised if I didn't at least get the sniffles. Unfortunately, this one is an annoying little monster of a cold that started with sniffles, then progressed to a full-on war with my throat (ow) and then attacked my inner ear just for kicks. Last night I was up most of the night coughing, and every cough sent my head spinning into another dimension. By the time I could see straight again, another bout of coughing would start. Not as painful as it may sound, but definitely frustrating. My throat is still very sore, but the vertigo has become minor.

I'm feeling a little better. To my amazement, I apparently stumbled on a fix for my fibromyalgia. I hesitate to say much about it, because I haven't been on the medication long and the effects might not last. But after I'd been on my new medication for about a week I noticed that my depression was lifting and I no longer hurt everywhere all the time. The medicine was for a completely unrelated condition. I'm not depression-free, but I feel a heckuva lot better than I have in a long time, which is nice. Now I just have to watch my health very closely to make sure that my vertigo isn't a negative side-effect of the new medicine and not just a frontal assault by a persistent cold. Hopefully, it's just the cold. Although, frankly, I would trade annoying and persistent vertigo for the sheer agony of fibro and depression. I'd rather be dizzy than in pain.

Anyway, that didn't sound as much like a whine as I thought it would. I guess I *am* getting better. Maybe that means I'll get back to regular blogging. We'll just have to see.

Minor Update: I just want to mention that we no longer have health insurance. This may mean that my new medicine will soon cost more than I can afford. If that happens... well, I don't know what will happen then. I'll probably cry for a very long time.


Elayne said...

Maybe you could take a trip up to Canada to buy more?

Tegan said...

Sadly, a trip to Canada for cheaper medication would actually cost a bit more in gasoline money than buying it at full price here. Of my three medications, my pharmacy price matches the evil store for one of them for sure. The new medication is on the evil store's list, but at a different dosage, so I'm not sure my pharmacy will price match. And the birth control pills aren't on the list at all, so I'll be paying full price for those if we decide to keep them up.