Wednesday, December 01, 2010

It's That Time of Year Again!

LEGO Advent time! I didn't manage to get the Castle version like I really wanted, but I got the regular version, and will be opening it each day and blogging it soon after. I'll probably wait until evening, because that way I won't spoil it for anyone who had their own calendar. Kind of like tonight. So, here's day one of the 2010 LEGO Advent Calendar, City version.

2010 LEGO Advent Day One

I'll note that the tree in the second image is not LEGO or LEGO-related, but it's fun.

2010 LEGO Advent Day One with Tree


Bill D. said...

My son's was messed up. When we opened it the morning of Dec. 1st, the door had the picture of the snowman, but out popped the tree! We put it together, but then I snuck the box back out into the kitchen, popped open the back to see if it was all going to be messed up, or just those two days, and sure enough it was, so I rearranged everything (though the snowman went back where the tree was supposed to be). Everything else has matched up properly so far, so let's hope I got the whole rest of Advent correct.

But tree or snowman, my son was still annoyed that Day 1 wasn't a minifig. :)

Carolyn said...

Those look cool! I know someone in Edmonton who has one too, and she's been blogging daily blogs about it. I looked at a local toy store to see if they had one, but they didn't. Mind you, too late as its' almost a week into December. Also, I probably don't have the money to spare to get one! But oh, so cool! Thanks for sharing.