Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Wicked Cool Icicles

Stepford House Icicles

CameraPhone Zen for the day. These are some of the icicles I mentioned that Stepford House is growing in our "melt for two or three hours, then freeze again" weather. It looks like we won't get snow for a bit longer this week. That could be very very good, or absolutely terrible. Either way, we have snow on the ground, icy streets, and careful drivers for the most part here in Churchville, so we're not having any weather problems.

Stepford House Icicles 2

Time to hear your tales. What's up with the weather in your parts? Roger reported possibly flooding in Albany. Seattle is wet, I'm told. What about your place in the world (or out of it)?


David Oakes said...

Arizona is 75 and complaining.