Thursday, May 19, 2011

Stepford Plants Report

I really should have gotten up and gone out to mow the yard the instant I was fully awake this morning. We've got brilliant weather out there, and it's supposed to get into the upper 70s and low 80s over the next couple of days. A nice change from the series of storms that have been hitting us the last few months. And the yard needs a mow. But I waited, and when I went out to get my pictures I could tell it was already too warm for me to successfully do any mowing. If I get some energy, I may try to clean up the garden plot, but no mowing today.

Tiny Tim Tomatoes

There have been a handful of developments in the plant life over the last week. Two plants have made their way to a friend's house, where they have already been transplanted outside, shaming me a little. One of the zucchini and one of the Moneymaker tomatoes are gone and shall provide fruit for someone else. I also finally repotted one of the peppers yesterday, and if I'm lucky both will survive long enough to bear fruit. But why don't I go into detail after the cut?

Let's start with my traditional upward-looking image of the plum stick:

Plum Stick Yay!

When I compare it to last week's picture, I think the leaves are fuller, and the stems are beginning to get thicker. Perhaps this will turn into a tree after all!

This next shot shows the tree in the context of our shabby yard. It's not a pretty thing yet, but it's certainly growing and I have high hopes for next year if we're still living out here.

Plum Stick in Context

It doesn't look so sunny in this image, but the sidewalks are glaring in the sun. It really is a strange place for a Seattle girl to have washed up.

Let's move on to a more or less standard image of the grafted plum tree in the backyard. It, too, is filling out and showing more leaves. The other two grafts are getting more active now.

Grafted Plum

This next image shows leaves on all three grafts. I do adore this tree. Not as much as the plum stick, which has more history with me, but I love seeing how it changes from week to week. And as long as I keep up my reports, I'll be able to track those changes pretty closely.

Grafted Plum Close Up

Roving up the stairs to the windowsill, let's check out the remaining six pots and see what's in them. I placed the pots in the bathtub below the windowsill to get good pictures of the plants this time. I don't know if I'll do it again. Heck, by next week I hope some of these plants will be in their proper spots outside.

The two Tiny Tims are growing nicely, and one of them has decided to blossom. I wonder if I'll get fruit out of it if I leave it in the windowsill? With two of them to work with, I'm really tempted to keep one inside and see how big it grows compared to the one planted outside.

Tiny Tim Tomatoes

The peppers each have their own pot now. I'm waiting to see if the little one dies from the shock of transplanting, since I'm still not terribly good at it. But so far it seems to be taking root in the new soil. These won't be ready to go outside for a long time, I think. So I can look forward to having a couple of plants on the windowsill no matter what I decide about the Tiny Tims.


The Moneymaker tomato, aka Triffid, REALLY wants to be ouside. I can almost hear it whining. I gave the bigger of the two to my friend, but this one is grown enough that it wants out as well. I need to see if any of the tomato cages I salvaged from last year are good enough to reuse, then I think I'd better get this guy in the dirt.

Moneymaker Tomato is Solo Now

Last up is the zucchini, which also has made it very clear that it wants out now. I really should go out and work up a spot for it in the garden plot today. If I don't, I wouldn't be surprised if it hunts me down in my sleep. It's almost big enough to start moving around the house, looking for me.

Zucchini Attack!

So that's it for this week. By next week I really ought to have between one and three of the plants replanted outside in the garden plot. I also need to have mowed, and set up the new watering system which I still am not sure will work. So I've got my work cut out for me.


David Oakes said...

If you go missing, make sure the cops know to look at that Zucchini - or should I say "Audrey III" - first.