Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Link Post

This isn't going to be of interest to most of you, but I'm really freaking proud of my sister, who has been working on an internet project and got a tiny bit of assistance from me. Apparently her adviser loved her work, so I gotta say, CONGRATS, OH EVIL TWIN!

In case you didn't know, DC is rebooting the entire DC Universe. I HATE that they are restarting Action and Detective with #1s. The rest I don't mind, that I despise. At least this promises plenty of Aquaman for me.

Daleks-of-the-day offers us some awesome Dalek pottery. Want.

Surprised to find myself watching the Stanley Cup with interest because a local team is in. I like the current uniforms. Hated that ugly yellow variation, but the Northwest colors of blue and green work for me.

Maids in NYC Hotels getting Panic Buttons after a series of high profile assaults.

Nuclear fission in an animated GIF.

Do my in-laws even want a puggerfly?


Anonymous said...

"I HATE that they are restarting Action and Detective with #1s. "

Completely and totally agree.

Dwight Williams said...

Oracle, the JSA, and other stuff yet to be named as also apparently being jettisoned...?