Friday, June 24, 2011


I guess I'll post about the plants tomorrow...

Nominate your favorite fantasy world at If You Lived Here.

Speaking of fantasy worlds, on his Wonderful Blog of Oz, my husband is remembering past Winkie Conventions. Today he's forcing me to guest post.

Kindles are Awesome.

I liked this Flat Earth Map. Goofy, but cool.

Extreme low-calorie diet might cure type 2 diabetes. It sounds incredibly difficult (only 600 calories a day for two months?), but the possibility of being free of diabetes might make it worth it for some people. I think the follow-up diet would be almost as crucial as the initial two months.

This one requires a little explanation. A woman was arrested for standing on her own front lawn recording a police stop. At a meeting to support the woman, police used the law to harass her supporters. The first incident might have been a mistake, heat of the moment, or even forgivable stress. The second incident makes the police look really bad.

Tiny Pug for the in-laws.