Saturday, June 25, 2011

Stepford Plants Report

Not a lot to say this time, I guess. Well, yes, there is some news. New plants and such. But for the most part everything is going along the way I hoped. My soaker hoses are actually soaking instead of spraying randomly, and even the plants I thought weren't growing appear to be growing if I compare them with last week's pictures. So I guess I just need a little faith and a little patience.

Plum Stick with Lense Flare - oooh

The big news for us, I guess, is that I'm getting ready to go to the Winkie Convention down in California the first weekend in July. My house-sitter and her Rotweiller "Snuffy" will be monitoring the place while I'm gone. No pictures of Snuffy, I'm told he ate the last person who tried to take a picture of him. I'm sure that was a joke. I think. Anyway, with the soaker hoses apparently working, I hope to make it dead easy for my house-sitter to water the plants that aren't covered by those hoses. We'll have to see if I succeed.

So the plum sticks are growing. I just keep hoping they will keep growing. If I'm really lucky, the grafted plum might produce fruit next year. If I'm really lucky. Again, we'll have to see.

Grafted Plum

The Tiny Tims are settling into their new spot outside, and seem to be growing and blooming and all. I really ought to figure out how to stake them properly. I don't have cages for these guys, and they may need some support soon.

Tiny Tim Tomatoes

The peppers have small buds on the top that could be the start of blossoms or could be more leaves. I can't tell. I'm kind of excited to find out. One of the peppers has a leaf that was blown in the wind enough that it won't go back to it's original position. It's kind of cute. Like a pepper comb-over.

Yolo Wonder Peppers

The Moneymaker tomato is growing, but I can't always tell just by looking at it. I really have to look at previous week's pictures to see how much progress is being made. I just remind myself of last year's debacle and try to stay low-key about it.

My Lonely Triffid

The new Zucchini are growing faster and bigger than I expected. I really ought to crop off one plant from each hole, but I'm kind of curious to see what happens when they grow together. And I hate killing plants like these. So I guess I'll wait and see.

Zucchini are Go

And here are the new kids on the plot. My mother-in-law gave me a pile of pumpkin plants, over half of which I managed to give away to my family before I left Seattle with them. But that still leaves these guys growing happily in the sun. The soaker hoses can't really be stretched much to reach them, so they get a daily watering and they will be the ones I ask the house-sitter to watch for.

New kids on the Plot

Last and least, it's The Stepford Fence. My husband and his father built it two summers ago, and the neighbors had permission that winter to put boards up on it. They've finally done so, and while we were in Seattle last weekend they almost finished the job. In fact, there is only a small portion behind the shed that isn't boarded up now.

Privacy at last!

To say that I'm happy about this would be a vast understatement. I loved the fence before, and it's even better now. The privacy this gives us makes my back yard actually feel like a back yard for the first time. I can even imagine going out there and having a picnic table and one of those sunbrellas and a nice little party. And with the boards on the other side of the fence, I still have the option of putting up climbing vines someday, if I can figure out a good way to do it.

Life just keeps getting better here.