Monday, June 13, 2011

The Personal Situation

Anyone who doesn't want to read me whining, just ignore this post. You've been warned.

The situation is pretty simple really, taken as a whole. We have barely made it through the last school year, and we're struggling mightily to get through the summer. We've scraped and pulled and gathered and I think we are going to make it to August, after which life will get very difficult again.

Ideally, Eric will find a full-time teaching job here in Churchville. There is one position open at the high school, but at least three people we know for sure are vying for it. If he gets a position at the high school *and* I can get my business up and running, we'll be doing great except that little bump of no money in September. But a job here in Churchville would mean that we could sell one of the cars and I could turn half the garage into a computer workshop. In addition, the tech guys at the Churchville school district were impressed with me when I interviewed, so maybe I can get a part-time or full-time position with the school district as well. That's the ideal. If you have any prayers for us, pray for that.

Less ideally, Eric will find a position in one of the neighboring districts. Commutes are kind of bad, but maybe not too bad. One of the nearby larger towns has shown interest in Eric before, and they also have a math position open. He's applied already. He's also applying steadily at every local math position that opens. That's his full-time job this summer. We wouldn't be able to get rid of a car, and I'd have less room to make a computer workshop, but it would still be doable.

Also less ideally, but not bad at all is if I get a full-time tech job in the school district. That would allow Eric to keep looking while I bring in a little money to keep us afloat. I might even be able to make a living wage, as we really don't need all that much to survive.

Not ideal at all, Eric may find a position over on the wet-side, where we may have a place to stay. We could possibly have Eric commute... Go out to teach Sunday night, come home to Churchville Friday night. Very hard on him. Or we could both move out, and attempt to rent or sell the house, both unlikely in the current market. Plus, I'm just beginning to really like it out here. So I'm not keen on that choice.

The worst possibility is that Eric or I can't find a job at all. I don't want to think about that one, but it's possible some of the choices from the wet-side will come into play there. Financially, that will be very hard on us. I don't know if we can muddle through or not. We can live on a teacher's salary, but a substitute teacher's salary is just not enough.


Caffeinated Joe said...

Well, whatever happens, I hope it's what you two need to do well & be happy! Good luck & stay positive!

Roger Owen Green said...

yes, it does sound potentially scary. good luck!

Greg said...

I know it's a bleak consolation if it's any consolation at all, but it's not anything to do with you. The ugly truth is that everyone's budgets everywhere are getting cut to the bone in the public sector and we're all dog-paddling like mad. Julie's still out of work and two of my four jobs have dried up because there's no AfterSchool Program over the summer. I took a summer-school job -- ten weeks -- and that's a help, but we're still hanging on by a thread.

.... wow, that depressed me just typing it. I better shut up now except to say, know we're rooting for you, and you are not alone.