Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Time for a Start of Summer Linkdump!

The kids are alright. It's the adults who need some work.

A tornado path can be clearly seen on this satellite image of Massachusetts.

Lifeboat at World's End.

You think your parents are embarrassing? How about dad waving at the bus each morning in a different costume? First Day. Last Day.



WANT. Seriously. These would be really useful around here.

A DC Cyclist has a run-in with an idiot and lives to write about the whole thing in detail.

The Springfield Shopper (click the top link to go to the image, then check out the comments).

PugsM&M's for the in-laws.


Caffeinated Joe said...

That satellite image still freaks me out. We have family all over Mass, including right outside Sturbridge. And the path ends pretty DAMN close to where we live. Too close for comfort.

Tegan said...

I am completely freaked out by tornadoes. I didn't realize that Mass even had the things. It was a truly freaky tornado season.

Caffeinated Joe said...

We were taken by surprise, too, believe me. Nothing we were expecting. My youngest sat in the tub with his box of favorite items. A week after the tornado, my oldest went with his old troop to help clean yards. He was freaked to see the level of destruction.

Roger Owen Green said...

the cyclist story really ticked me off. the driver was such a twit, to be kind.

Tegan said...

Roger, I didn't cycle for very long, but during the short time I rode my bike to work, I constantly got harassed by drivers even though I was riding well off the road on the hard shoulder. Things were thrown at me, pick-up trucks served at me to kick up dirt and grit on me, and people yelled at me. And this was in a "bike-friendly" area. I obeyed all traffic laws, made sure I wasn't blocking anyone, and did everything I could to make sure I was legal and safe. It didn't matter. Because I was on a bicycle, I was a target.