Friday, July 15, 2011

Stepford Plants Report

So, I've been away and haven't updated the plants report for way too long, so now we're going to see the most dramatic changes so far. First off, I have already got two fruits off the Tiny Tim Tomatoes, and one that was overripe. They are small and cute and nicely tart for tomato.

Second Fruit

While I was gone, my housesitter watered the plants and kept the Rotweiller away from them. On Monday she called me in a mild panic, as the water wouldn't turn on. Turned out that the irrigation water pipe that serves my neighborhood was under service, and the water didn't turn back on until this morning. In the meantime, because of the awesome job she did watering, the weeds in the yard started to climb to the sky and for the first time my garden plot became under siege by more weeds. So my first job once I got home was to mow the yard down to manageable levels again. My second job was to start weeding the garden plot... and for the first time I really wish I had a spade to dig the things out.

Anyway, let's get started. Here's a picture of the plum stick in the sun. Really in the sun. Right. Let's move on.

Plum Stick

Hrm. Not much growth in the grafted plum either. I think I might stop taking pictures of these now, maybe. Though the only way I'll see the changes is to take pictures... so... *confused*

Grafted Plum

This is a picture of the second fruit that came off the Tiny Tim Tomatoes. I ate the first one before I got a chance to take a picture of it. Well, technically the first fruit didn't make it, as it got overripe and fell off the plant before I had a chance to eat it. The second and third got chomped. And I'll looking forward to getting more from the plants...

Second Fruit

That fruit came off the top one of these plants, which are messy and spread all over and have become nice little bushes. These ones need weeding more than any of the other plants, and I will try to continue each morning to weed and work on them until I get the weeds gone. If I can. I'm really impressed at how much they've grown since the last report.

Tiny Tim Tomato Plants

And here's one of the pepper plants. How nice it looks! But wait, look at the next one...

Pepper One

That's a freaking pepper! I've actually got a pepper growing on my pepper plant! My first non-tomato fruit in my own garden. And it's already a decent size. So I'm kind of looking forward to eating it. I hope it lasts and grows out and there are more of the same. Yum.

Pepper Two

The Triffid has also grown, and now has blossoms so we'll be getting tomatoes again soon enough I'm sure. The Tiny Tims will tide me over until then.


For my next trick, I'm going to cheat just a little. Here's the Zucchini from June 23rd:

 Previous Zucchini

And here they are today:


I think I will have PLENTY of zucchini for bread, cakes, cookies, and possibly lightly sauteed in olive oil. Mmmmm.

Last and still least, it's the pumpkins! They had four days of no watering before today's picture was taken, but I'm sure they will perk up quickly as I water them regularly each morning as I go out walking.


I will be going out each morning on my walk and start the watering going. This morning when I turned on the sprinklers, I noticed that one of the three heads wasn't spraying, so I turned off the water and took the sprinkler head off. And an earwig immediately crawled out of the pipe. I looked into the head, and sure enough, another earwig, jammed up into the sprinkler and in about three parts. I tapped it against the pipe a bit until the pieces fell out, put the sprinkler head back on, and everything worked just fine. And I was utterly grossed out.