Monday, August 15, 2011


My policy on this blog has been to not talk about work, as I've been burned before. So I'll just say that I started my new job today, and had an excellent day. I hope to be there a long time.

There are jobs, there are good jobs, and there are great jobs. I think this one will very soon qualify as a great job. Let's hope I'm up to the task.


Eric TF Bat said...

Understand entirely. I use pseudonyms so I can't be found via a search for the name of the company, which is why I've worked for Pascal's Wageslaves, Red Pill Blue Pill, WeTotallyRock, the Federal something-or-other that spelled the acronym FAART, and so on.

Very pleased to read that you've found a job. Well done indeed!

r duncan said...

Congratulations on the new job, Laura. Hope it's great.

Tegan said...

Well, in this particular case I may end up writing about what I do and where I do it, because it'll all be in the public record soon enough.

What I won't write about is the people I work with, or anything that might reflect badly on the company.

I know my boss knows about my blog, I put it in my cover letter. My general take is that everyone who knows me has access to my blog, so I must be a good person when writing here. I'm long past the time when I could be pseudonymic. That boat sailed years ago.