Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Exhaustion and Kitten Claws

I have to admit, I'm handling the job way better than I expected to when I first got hired. I still don't feel like a reporter, but I am usually making it through the day, which is nice.

Last week I was off-kilter for the entire week. I just feel like I've finally got back on track, and I hope I can keep that going. It's really uncomfortable to feel like you are out of sync with what you are doing. Despite the discomfort, I think I managed to get through the week ok. I still felt slightly off yesterday, but began to feel my stride again toward the end of the day.

It's fascinating to realize how much writing I do each morning. On Monday I had three articles to write, one of which was mostly written and two with blank pages. I also had a couple of briefs to write, one expected and one completely unexpected. Churning everything out was hard, but I figured out how to prioritize (not one of my strengths) and got it all in. Then only the briefs got published yesterday. Go figure.

I still have a terror of interviewing people. I really suck at it. This morning there was a media call with the local legislators, and by some quirk of fate I was the only person to call in. I had exactly two questions ready since I was hoping for other journalists to ask all the questions. I somehow still made a decent little article out of it.

Kitten Update

As of tonight, Inkwell will be exiled from the bedroom at night. He pulled his usual playfulness early this morning, jumping on me and trying to get me to play with him at 4 am. Unfortunately, when I went to brush him away from my face, he took it as a sign I was ready to play and swatted me back with an open claw... right across my nose.

my damage
I was shocked by a cat scratch across my face this morning, but not as shocked as Inkwell when I gave him a flying lesson as a result.
I woke up pretty quick at the slash and recall picking up the kitten, who is getting hefty, and tossing him across the bed and to the floor on the other side. A little flying lesson for Inkwell. I didn't realize the cut was bleeding and I was still mostly asleep, so I rolled back over and fell asleep again. The kitten jumped back up on the bed and decided not to mess with my face for the rest of the morning.

When I got up to use the bathroom I saw the damage for the first time and cleaned off my injury. It was considerably more gory-looking than it was actually gory. I took the picture to show why Inky is exiled. I also had a little tale to tell my co-workers.

Inkwell is getting his surgery on Friday. He'll be dropped off early and picked up late and when I get him in the afternoon he'll be an it. Hopefully the result will be some good behavior changes.

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Jay said...

Welcome to the group of people whose faces have been scratched by their cats in bed.


I still have the scars.

Roger Owen Green said...

The cat will find another way to retaliate. Cats always do.