Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Inkwell Pictures

Just some pictures of the kitten for you to view if you want.

Curled Up
The kitten must sleep, and the lap is a good place whenever the computer can be banished.
My remote.
The kitten doesn't only steal the laptop, he is also a typical male who steals the remote.
A new place to rest.
Inkwell has discovered a good spot to watch the ferals in the yard and catch some rays.
Inkwell in the sun.
Inkwell sleeps in the sunlight.
Elegant Cat.
Inkwell poses in the kitchen.
Inkwell's fascination with the camera focuses mostly on the camera strap, which he is determined to kill.

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Anonymous said...

What a sweetie!

How is his eye? It looks like it's doing better...

Tegan said...

His eye continues to cry a bit, but it's not so bad that I'm worried.

Anonymous said...

It has been more than five years since Neko was a kitten...but your posts are definitely bringing back memories!
Keep up the posts and pictures, please!

I have found some delightful things for Neko at