Thursday, February 23, 2012

Word Nerd

My latest column has already resulted in a "private" response from one of the "gentlemen" I was writing about. I was really amused by it. It was both funny and pathetic, partly because he couldn't seem to make up his mind whether I was a victim or one of the bad guys in his rather limited worldview.

My Feb 17th column (yes, I know the byline is wrong) also got a response from the subject of the column, but it was a positive "thank you."

My Feb 15th Column got LOTS of responses, including my first ever actual paper letter. It really hit a chord for a lot of people. I got a rather long note in e-mail as well.

I also wrote a column on Feb 3rd about Inkwell. Yeah, kitten on the brain.

I should probably do a quick page that lists all my columns that have been put online, just for those two or three folks interested in it. For the record, I already have my next column written, it just needs some serious polishing before it's published. It's about the woman who was my best friend growing up.


Anonymous said...

People who let pets run loose should not own pets in the first place. That goes for dogs and cats. The leash law in this county applies to both cats and dogs, but is widely ignored. One of my neighbor's cats got run over and another got feline AIDS. As for the problem with dogs in your area, I can only make the usual suggestion: call Animal Control and report it when you see it. You might even consider carrying pepper spray in case of aggressive dogs.

Tegan said...

Sadly, the local police won't respond to a report of a loose dog unless it's already killed another dog or attacked a person or livestock animal. And the Humane Society only visits our area once a week, if that, because of funding issues.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I'm spoiled, because the animal control authorities in our area (a suburb of Atlanta Ga) have usually been good about responding to citizens' complaints. Obviously, that is not the case everywhere. I've heard people in other cities or counties complain that there is no point in calling Animal Control before 9AM or after 5PM, or between 11AM and 2PM (they're out to lunch). Then there are the people who go around in circles between calling local police/animal control and state DNR, because each keeps telling them it's the other agency's jurisdiction. Sigh.

Sharon said...

Laura, I love reading your columns and your blog! My children are getting a kick out of seeing the pictures of inkwell.

We got our cat, Isabel, from the shelter a few years ago, and have truly enjoyed making her part of our family. She does, however, hide from strangers, so when we have our gathering here on St. Patrick's Day, she will probably spend the entire time on Steve's chair in the library.

Thanks again for writing! I love reading!