Thursday, April 26, 2012

And so it goes...

Let's see... turned in my big global warming story today, it was in today's paper. I'm not happy with it because there is about a billion more things to say on the subject but none of it matters in the least. I'm also afraid some of my bias on the subject leaked through. But hey, Rod made a great graphic for the article. *sigh*

I went out and took a picture of a haircut today. I also visited the high school this morning for an update on what's going on, and now I've got another story to write. I met with some dairy officials today, too. Nice folks, and I'm not as worried about the articles I have to write for the dairy special section now.

I'm going to a conference in about a week, and I had to submit one of my stories to be discussed in it. I can't remember which one I picked now, but one of the ones that my editor told me to put in my "contest fodder" folder. Then I noticed that the WNPA contest deadline is next week, and now I need to pull together my entries. My folder has two feature stories, a photograph and my column. I don't know if anything else has been pulled for possible inclusion by anyone else, but it shouldn't take too long for my stuff to get submitted once we're ready. I do not expect to win anything.

Inkwell is still bored. I try to entertain him as much as possible when I'm home, but he continues to nip me if I try to play with him, then gets upset when I stop playing because he's nipped me. I must be doing something wrong. Either that or Inkwell just isn't that smart.

Tomorrow is going to be a hard day. At 7 in the morning I'm at a local breakfast spot to meet with one of the state politicians. Deadline is 10 a.m. and I have at least five stories to write between the time I get to the office (probably a bit after 8 a.m.) and the deadline. At 1 p.m. I'm due at the high school for a student of the month photo. Then at 3 p.m. I need to be down at the high school of the town south of us to take photos of a softball game. All is well until 7 p.m. at which point I will be back at the local high school for a big dance show. I have to get a photo page out of that, so I need to take a billion pictures, which I'm terribly bad at because I hate getting in other people's way, and a photographer needs to be in the way to get good shots some times. Blah.

My Saturday has apparently been pre-planned by hubby-Eric. I hope he remembers to fill me in on what I'm doing at any given time, because I've started to learn that reporter's skill of dumping anything that isn't right in front of me as something that needs to be done for deadline out of my head. I have very little memory anymore. If it's not on my task list or my Google Calendar, it might as well not exist.

Well, I guess I'll go play with the cat again. He looks a little sad. But then, cats apparently evolved with that trait to make you want to be around them despite their obnoxious little quirks.


Anonymous said...

Your schedule is dizzying! We have two cats. One of them liked to use my hand as a chew toy and the other eats and then disappears until the next meal.

Alberto Ramirez